summer season hats

New hats collection
Spring | Summer 2018


Angiolo Frasconi’s new Spring Summer 2018 hats collection will be presented for the first time to the public at the Tokyo Fashion Show.
At the Belle Salle Shibuya Garden complex, the Moda Italia event will take place from 4th to 6th July. We will take this opportunity for the first presentation of the new collection of straw hats and fabric hats in linen and cotton, as well as turbans, bands in fancy fabrics and hairstyles.
The new collection is the result of a research based on a contemporary style, attentive to fashion trends, suitable for every needs: from beach hat to ceremonial hat, passing over cloche and bands in light fabrics such as linen and cotton for everyday use. Headbands in fancy and solid fabrics complete the collection even for those who are looking for high fashion items for the summer time.
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