Autumn | Winter Collection

Our Autumn Winter Collection is made by hats for the cold season, felt shapes, woolen fabrics, and precious yarns such as cashmere alpaca and wool. Hats for the cold season, made of warm or waterproof materials, natural or technical leather, woolen caps and variously decorated cashmere beanies. For the Autumn-Winter collection, Angiolo Frasconi proposes a modern and Italian style. That’s a result of research and creativity arisen from living day after day a craft handed down for generations. In each collection, you will find felt and fabric styles, precious yarns beanies.

Every single phase of production is carried out in Italy: from the processing of the raw material to the garnish, passing through the forming of each individual hat. Processing techniques perfected over time and kept in the hands of specialized craftsmen are a guarantee for the creation of a unique product, tailored to the specific needs of the customer and of high quality.

Winter Hats

Each year, Angiolo Frasconi renews its autumn winter collection with a wide range of products, covering every kind of hats. From wool felt and lapin molded hats to knitwear made of warm winter fabrics and fancy colored yarns. The style and the design between classic and modern combined with craftsmanship of working processes give a unique personality to the hat and to who wears it.

Hats from Artisans

Each collection is inspired by research and innovation. Ou goal is to capture fashion trends in continuous changing and join them to craftsmanship processes perfected and handed down for over 100 years. In this world, the hands of an artisan can’t be replaced by machinery: we take care of the quality of our hats with rare and authentic expertise. Angiolo Frasconi is a founding member of the consortium “Il Cappello di Firenze”.

summer season hats

Spring | Summer Collection

Straw and fabric hats which favor natural fibers, for an original Italian style, young and imaginative.

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