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What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a small text string that an Internet website stores in a Personal Computer, phone or any other device, containing information relating to the user’s browsing on that website. Cookies are necessary to facilitate navigation and make it easier and do not damage your computer.

Although this information uses the generic term „Cookie“ as the main method for storing information used by the Internet site, it is also used as a „local storage“ space for the user with the same purposes as Cookies. All information contained in this section is also applicable to „local storage“.

Why are cookies used on this website?

Cookies are an essential part of the functioning of our website. The main purpose of cookies is to improve the user’s browsing experience. For example, they are used to remind the user of their preferences (language, country, etc.) during navigation and future visits.


Who uses the information stored in cookies?

The information stored in the Cookies from our website are used exclusively by us, except those identified as „Third-party cookies“, used and managed by external entities to provide services requested by us to improve our services and the browsing experience of the user on our site. The main services for which these „third-party cookies“ are used are access statistics and guarantee on payment transactions.

How can I avoid using cookies on this website?

If you prefer to avoid the use of cookies on this page, considering the limitations described above, you must first disable the use of cookies in your browser and delete cookies saved in the browser associated with this website. It is possible to use this option to prevent the use of cookies at any time.

By default, almost all browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. In the settings of the browser the user has the possibility to prevent the saving of cookies, delete those already saved or select those that want to keep.

How can I disable and prevent the use of cookies?

It is possible to limit, block or delete cookies from this website at any time by changing the configuration of your browser by following the procedure below. While the settings are different in each browser, Cookies are normally configured in the „Preferences“ or „Tools“ menu. For more information on configuring cookies in your browser, refer to the „Help“ menu in the browser.