Pour plus de clarté, le règlement sur la protection de la Privacy privée sera présenté en anglais.


Data protection is of utmost importance for ANGIOLO FRASCONI S.r.l., for this reason we want to guarantee maximum transparency and clarity regarding the processing of personal data provided by the user. This document describes how the personal data of the user are processed and protected in compliance with the current legislative provisions.
By accepting our terms, you confirm that you have read and fully understood this policy, including the reasons and methods of using your information. If you do not wish to have your information collected or processed in the ways described in this regulation, you will not have to use the services.
Any further communication concerning the protection and processing of personal data by ANGIOLO FRASCONI S.r.l. will be communicated through this page.


This Privacy and Cookies Policy establishes the terms and conditions, pursuant to which ANGIOLO FRASCONI S.r.l., having its registered office in Via Torricella 69, in Campi Bisenzio (FI), processes the personal data provided by the user, or you, to ANGIOLO FRASCONI S.r.l. in case of use of the www.frasconi.it website. Whenever you provide ANGIOLO FRASCONI S.r.l. or you will need to log in to the company to any type of information that, because of their characteristics, allow us to identify you, such as for example name, surname, e-mail address, billing or shipping address, telephone number, or credit/debit card number, bank details, etc. (hereinafter, “Personal Data”), for the purposes of navigation, the purchase of our products or the use of our services or ours functionality, you will be subjected to this Policy on Privacy and Cookies, which refers to L 119/1 REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27th April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the treatment of personal data as well as the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation).


Users are free to provide their personal data for the purposes set out in the following paragraphs 1.a-1.d.
Not providing your personal data for these purposes can mean that it will not be possible to manage your registration as a user, nor will it be possible to contact you or use certain features and services available through the on-line platform www.frasconi.it.

With this, the user (you) guarantees that the Personal Data provided are true and correct and accepts
to report any changes or modifications. If you provide us with the Personal Data of third parties, you will be responsible of having informed and obtained their consent, in the manner established by the law in force. Any loss or damage caused to the Platform, to the Data Processors or to any third party through the communication of erroneous, inaccurate or incomplete information on the registration forms will be the sole responsibility of the user.

The purposes of collecting personal information are:

a. Allow ANGIOLO FRASCONI S.r.l. to acquire your contact for billing, shipping, order processing, communication of events, sending commercial communications, sending requests for information or responding to any requests from the user by e-mail or telephone, SMS or other equivalent forms of electronic communication to the addresses and contact details provided by the user.

b. Analyze the data collected for the purposes of studies aimed at improving the company offer. We may use your information to improve and personalize our products and services, including the sharing of user information for such purposes, and we do so as necessary to fulfill the legitimate interest in improving the products or services offered to users, and for the unlocking and exploitation of potential ways of development and growth of our company.

c. In some cases, ANGIOLO FRASCONI S.r.l. may need to contact the user. Firstly, these messages are delivered by e-mail or telephone, SMS or other equivalent forms of electronic communication to the addresses and addresses provided by the user, and each account in the company database must maintain an email address and/or a telephone contact, in addition to a contact and a valid name in the archive to receive messages. The company may contact the user by telephone to provide assistance for transactions related purposes and if the user has requested a telephone contact and/or by e-mail. Furthermore, with the consent of the user, ANGIOLO FRASCONI S.r.l. can send a message via SMS (or similar) or via e-mail/ordinary mail, to offer assistance to customers or provide information on products, services and events that the user may find interesting concerning the company ANGIOLO FRASCONI S.r.l. activity. You can update your contact preferences by sending an email to frasconi@frasconi.it, or by telephone. All contacts are also described in our website page “Contacts”.

d. Satisfy and manage your requests, formulated through each available channel for customer support (E-mail, contact form on the website, telephone communications or ordinary mail).


Who has access to your data?
User data may be shared within the company ANGIOLO FRASCONI S.r.l., will not be made available to the general public or to other users of the site. Eventual external personnel to ANGIOLO FRASCONI S.r.l. it may come into contact with personal data stored in our databases in case of maintenance of electronic systems and software update.
Angiolo Frasconi S.r.l. does not transfer, sell or exchange the personal data of users with third parties outside, and in any case any data communicated to third parties are aimed at improving the product and service offered under the supervision of Angiolo Frasconi S.r.l..
Respecting user privacy is paramount. Angiolo Frasconi S.r.l. will not disclose the name, email address or other personal data of the user to third parties without the consent of these, except as specified in this statement.
How long is the data stored?
The duration of data processing and preserving, performed through computerized, automated and manual systems, will be:
– for the period established by laws in force;
– or an indefinite period of time (i.e. until you request the deletion of certain data or all your data, always in compliance with the legal limits);
– or until the purpose applicable to a particular data ceases to exist (i.e. data relating to your orders will be processed as long as the controller is required to keep such data under applicable laws and they will be deleted once this purpose of law will cease to exist).

What are user rights?
The Data Processors undertake to respect the confidentiality of your Personal Data and to guarantee the exercise of your rights. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending an email to: frasconi@frasconi.it, indicating your reasons’ requests.
If you decide to exercise these rights and if part of the personal data provided was constituted by your address email, we would ask you to specify this circumstance in your written request, reporting the email address from which you wish to exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition.
To be able to consult your data that the company keeps for the reasons explained above, you can contact the company and receive, through the means of communication agreed between the parties (i.e. PEC, direct telephone communication), the information and personal data stored in company databases.
If the user believes that ANGIOLO FRASCONI S.r.l. treat personal data incorrectly or inappropriately, you can contact us.

Where are the data stored?
The data of each user who has made transactions with ANGIOLO FRASCONI S.r.l. o which has for the reasons and the aforementioned purposes maintained an interaction with the company are kept by ANGIOLO FRASCONI S.r.l..
They are recorded in the company management system and through the use of paper supports (i.e. files). Access to this management system is for the exclusive use of qualified personnel of ANGIOLO FRASCONI S.r.l. and is guaranteed by password protection and antivirus systems, regularly updated.
These data are protected according to the regulations in force by a Data Protection Officer (DPO) within the company.


What is a Cookie?
A Cookie is a small text string that an Internet website stores in a Personal Computer, phone or any other device, containing information relating to the user’s browsing on that website. Cookies are necessary to facilitate navigation and make it easier and do not damage your computer.
Although this information uses the generic term “Cookie” as the main method for storing information used by the Internet site, it is also used as a “local storage” space for the user with the same purposes as Cookies. All information contained in this section is also applicable to “local storage”.

Why are Cookies used on this website?
Cookies are an essential part of the functioning of our website. The main purpose of cookies is to improve the user’s browsing experience. For example, they are used to remind the user of their preferences (language, country, etc.) during navigation and future visits.

Who uses the information stored in Cookies?
The information stored in the Cookies from our website are used exclusively by us, except those identified as “Third-party cookies”, used and managed by external entities to provide services requested by us to improve our services and the browsing experience of the user on our site. The main services for which these “third-party cookies” are used are access statistics and guarantee on payment transactions.

How can I avoid using Cookies on this website?
If you prefer to avoid the use of ookies on this page, considering the limitations described above, you must first disable the use of cookies in your browser and delete Cookies saved in the browser associated with this website. It is possible to use this option to prevent the use of cookies at any time.
By default, almost all browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. In the settings of the browser the user has the possibility to prevent the saving of cookies, delete those already saved or select those that want to keep.

How can I disable and prevent the use of Cookies?
It is possible to limit, block or delete cookies from this website at any time by changing the configuration of your browser by following the procedure below. While the settings are different in each browser, Cookies are normally configured in the “Preferences” or “Tools” menu. For more information on configuring cookies in your browser, refer to the “Help” menu in the browser.


Navigation data
The computer systems and software procedures used to operate the Websites acquire, during their normal operation, some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols.
This information is not collected to be associated with identified interested parties, but by their very nature could, through processing and association with data held by third parties, allow to identify the computers that connect to the site.
This category of data includes IP addresses or domain names of computers used by users connecting to Web sites, addresses in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) notation of requested resources, time of request, the method used in submitting the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in response, the numerical code indicating the status of the response given by the server (success, error, etc.) and other parameters related to the operating system and the user’s computer environment.
This data could be used for the sole purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information on the use of the Websites and to check their correct functioning. The data could be used to ascertain responsibility in case of hypothetical computer crimes against the site.

Data provided voluntarily by visitors
The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of personal data to access certain services, or to make requests for information to the addresses indicated on the Websites involves the subsequent acquisition of personal data included in the request of the sender, necessary to respond to them.
Specific summary information will be progressively reported or displayed on the pages of the site prepared for particular services on request.

For further information, please contact the company at the email address: frasconi@frasconi.it