Spring | Summer Collection

Our Spring Summer Collection is made up by straw and fabric hats that favor natural fibers, for an original Italian style young and imaginative. Fine straw hats and fabrics that favor natural fibers, thought for every occasion: from ceremony to the beach. The creativity that arises from living day by day an ancient and modern craft together, an original Italian, young and imaginative style combined with the technical research of new materials, is the soul of the Spring-Summer collection by Angiolo Frasconi.

Every single phase of production is carried out in Italy: from the processing of the raw material to the garnish, passing through the forming of each individual hat. Processing techniques perfected over time and kept in the hands of specialized craftsmen as a guarantee for the creation of a unique product, tailored to the specific needs of the customer and of high quality.

Hats of prestige

For the summer season, Angiolo Frasconi offers a rich collection of hats suitable for any occasion: elegant and ceremonial hats, models in linen and cotton fabrics, exotic straws and colored turbans. The summer collection is renewed year by year, offering every time a product with a high fashion content, made with manufacturing techniques handed down from generation to generation and materials which bring the traditional concept of hat into the modern world. Each Angiolo Frasconi model, hand-finished by expert craftsmen, makes the hat a special and prestigious accessory.

The straw hats tradition of Florence

Here we consider making hats a real kind of art. Angiolo Frasconi was born as a producer of the famous Florentine straw hats and continues to preserve this ancient tradition, renewing its content annually. Our company is an active part of the Consortium “Il Cappello di Firenze”, whose aim is to associate the main companies in this sector, heirs of old handcrafted straw processing. Founded in 1986, its purpose is to associate the main companies in the sector that embrace the philosophy of Made in Italy craftsmanship and heirs of the ancient craftsmanship of straw. Every year Angiolo Frasconi, in coooperation with the consortium companies of the Florentine territory, organize events and promote their productions in initiatives in close contact with the public.

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Autumn | Winter Collection

Hats for the cold season, felt shapes, woolen fabrics, precious yarns such as cashmere and alpaca.

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