192° Corsa dell’Arno – Firenze

25th April 2019

Concorso il Cappello Più Bello per Corri la Vita

Angiolo Frasconi together with the consortium”Il Cappello di Firenze” will be present at the Corsa dell’Arno (Race of the Arno), the oldest horse race in Italy. The event will aim to raise funds for the CORRI LA VITA Association through a temporary shop, set up within the Visarno Racecourse.
The 6th edition of the “The Most Beautiful Hat for CORRI LA VITA” competition, organized by the Consortium Il Cappello di Firenze on the occasion of the 192th Arno race, is upon us! On April 25th from 1.30pm we wait for you at the Hippodrome of Visarno Florence for a day of solidarity.
To take part in the competition it is just necessary to wear a hat, or buy it on the day of the competition at the Consortium corner. It is also possible to take part in the competition with your own hat and in this case the fee to register for the competition is 10 Euros which will be totally donated to CORRI LA VITA.
Also all the proceeds from the sale of the hats made by the companies of Angiolo Frasconi, Grevi, Luca Della Lama, Marzi, Rossomenta, Trendintex will be donated to our Association.
At the end of the day, a Quality Jury composed of fashion journalists and Florentine stylists will award competitors with the most original headgear, awarding prizes offered by the sponsors.
There will also be a #JUNIOR category reserved for children aged 6 to 14 years that provides for the awarding of three prizes for the hats made by the children themselves.
Even the only entry to participate in the Arno race (€ 2.50) will be entirely donated to CORRI LA VITA, in an attempt to help this association to raise funds.